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About Us


Our work initially began as an initiative under the banner of the Proton Foundation, a European focussed UK charity founded by CEO Ian Green in 2006. In 2013 it was evident that a new, independent charitable entity was needed to ensure the further development and sustainability of the emerging UK work.


Re:style UK is currently active in Birmingham and Coventry and will look to add further recycling and distributions hubs in the future across the Midlands region.

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Mission Statement

Re:style UK seeks to facilitate improvement in the socio-economic status of disadvantaged and at risk individuals and families, encouraging their positive active engagement with the wider community.


“Our desire is to see individuals identify and release their own potential in order to change their socio-economic status and be better integrated into society. This will be achieved through the facilitation of support and training programmes for those at risk of offending and by the collection of surplus goods for recycling, upcycling and distribution to those in need. “

Wendy Bolton, Re:style UK Founder

& Managing Director


Aims & Objectives

a) To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded, relieving the needs of those people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.
b) The relief of unemployment for the benefit of the public in such ways as may be thought fit, including assistance to find employment.
c) The relief of financial hardship among people living in the Midlands area of the UK by providing such persons with goods/services which they could not otherwise afford through lack of means.
d) The relief of financial hardship by the recycling and provision of furniture, clothes and other household items.
e) To act as a resource for young people up to the age of 25 living in the Midlands by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities as a means of:
i. advancing in life and helping young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals;
ii. advancing education;
iii. relieving unemployment;
iv. providing recreational and leisure time activity in the interests of social welfare for people living in the area of benefit who have need by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, poverty or social and economic circumstances with a view to improving the conditions of life of such persons.